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5 Things Your Volunteers Are Asking For Right Now | Gigit Marketplace

It’s National Volunteer Week, and that means it’s the perfect time of year for us at Gigit to do what we do best –...

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How to Volunteer During COVID-19 | Gigit Marketplace

If you take a moment to picture what a volunteer looks like in your minds-eye, what do you see? We’re willing to bet...

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Gigit 3.0 – Our new update means Gigit is faster and easier than ever!

The entire team at Gigit couldn’t be more excited to share our latest update with you! This week, we launched Gigit...

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A Volunteer Management Platform For The Future of Volunteerism | Gigit Marketplace

This year, the landscape of volunteerism has changed faster and more dramatically than ever before. 2020 has brought...

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Revitalize Your Non-Profit Volunteer Program for 2021 | Gigit Marketplace

2020 was an exceedingly tough year for non-profits, charities, and foundations. The COVID-19 pandemic largely...

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Increase Online Giving Conversions with These 7 Steps | Gigit Marketplace

Fundraising is the lifeblood of most non-profits, charities, and foundations. Aside from a select few that...

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Powering Not-For-Profits: Canadian Technology is Paving the Way | Gigit Marketplace

Now, more than ever before, the non-profit sector has been at the forefront of local communities and national news...

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MADD Canada and Gigit Community Step out Together | Gigit Marketplace

We're so excited to be stepping out with our partners, MADD Canada, to power their first ever virtual Strides for...

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